Tems Is The Life Of The Party In New Music Video ‘Crazy Tings’

Afoma Andrea

By Afoma Andrea

Afoma Andrea

22 Oct 2021

After the release of her rapturously received sophomore EP If Orange Was a Place, Tems returns with new video for the project’s lead single Crazy Tings

Conceptualised by Tems herself and directed by UAX, the singer returns to her hometown for an eventual night out.“Crazy things are happening” she reiterates during her gallavants all over town. Distracted by this thing we call life, local town folks at first do not notice her presence but soon enough Tems infectious vibe takes over each individual and a fiesta ensues.

Afro-soul at its finest, Tems voice is enchanting and sways heavenly over the chilled production. 

Check Out Tem’s Stylish Video For Crazy Tings Above.