Temz Clipstar Shares Debut EP “THE GREATEST TRIP”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

11 Dec 2019

Temz Clipstar has dropped his debut EP entitled THE GREATEST TRIP.

Produced by Fergus Martin, this debut project consists of 5 tracks and one skit through which Temz takes the listener on the journey of life. Having come onto the scene only a few months ago, the visuals for Down and Profit/Relax speak volumes on Temz Clipstar’s talent as he begins to carve out an impressive and unique visual identity with incredible cinematic videos that combines his love for dystopian sci-fi movies and British gangster films.

Speaking on the EP, Temz commented “THE GREATEST TRIP was an idea I came up with while I was very ill and all I could think about was the journey we all take in all walks of life. The concept started to evolve once I made the song “Profits” – which is about moving through the ends, dealing with the pressures of making it by yourself or trying to make it within a team. The narrative develops on to deciding to make the decision to do both and the effects it has on the people closest to you and realizing that being vulnerable is a super-power in itself.

The second part of the EP deals with being alone and isolated but not in a way that makes you feel desolate or destroyed, but more for self-growth. Continuing the theme of the trip I decided to incorporate parts of my journeys as sound bites within songs as I wanted to feel more like a movie score than a project per see.

I had never made a project before so I worked together with producer Fergus Martin to curate the kind of sounds I would want to hear on a Temz EP. We made about two different versions of the EP using “Profits” to shape the sound of a cohesive project”.

Watch the visuals for Profits and Relax below.

Listen to THE GREATEST TRIP below and on Apple Music here.