The Chart Update: Certified Lover Boy is Knocked Out of The Top Spot!

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

17 Sep 2021

Keeping a tab on which projects and singles are fulfilling their potential on the scene is important; especially as they contribute to forming the takes given to us by tastemakers, regardless of the digital medium they use to communicate those opinions through.

This week, Canada’s Certified Lover Boy, Drake, is knocked out of the number one position to number three, and overtaken by Steps’ What The Future Holds – PT 2. which has charted at number 2, and The UltraVivid Lament, brought to us by Manic Street Preachers that’s taken the champion spot. K-Trap’s Trapo finds itself at position number 33; an impressive way to end this week following the project’s launch party on Wednesday.

Single Wise, Ed Sheeran has taken up two spaces in the top 3, with Shivers pulled out from his = album, hitting number one and Bad Habits sitting comfy at number three. Our Wild West rapper, Central See lands at number five with Obsessed With You. His fellow West London native Digga D, moves up to position number 16 with Wasted – featuring Arrdee – and on the other end of the LDN we have French The Kid entering at number 90 with his new single Thrill. North East London rapper, Arz moves from 51st place to 48th, with Alone With You.

Festival season definitely took full effect as the charts have also seen Central’s Wild West, Dave’s Psychodrama and Stormzy’s Heavy is The Head climb up in position; it comes as no surprise that music lovers will spin these projects after seeing their live performances, as a way to cope with withdrawing from the high-energy environment the rappers created when gracing the stages.

Check back in with us next weel for the latest intel on what’s happening in the UK Charts! ivermectin injectible for fleas dogs