The Chart Update: Dave And Aitch Secure Top 2 Spots For Another Week

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

25 Mar 2022

We are back yet again for another weekly chart update! The hottest UK artists are succeeding and achieving so lets dive into the stats!

This weeks single charts include:

Dave “Starlight” has been in the charts for 3 weeks and remains at number 1 with this week’s sales totalling 58,642. Aitch/Ashanti “Baby” has also been in the charts for 2 weeks and also remains at number 2 again! will ivermectin kill nits This week’s sales total 51,316!!

18 weeks later, DBE x Central Cee ”Overseas sits in 11th position this week from last week’s 8! A1, J1 and Tion Wayne’s “Night Away” has been in the charts for 3 weeks now and currently sits at 14th place . They have amassed a total sales of 18,612. how much ivermectin for a 5lb dog Russ, Buni and YV’s ”Reggae and Calypso was sat at 16 last week and is now at 18 in week 6!

Digga D x Still Brickin’s ”Pump 101”dropped down one spot to 37th from last week’s position of 36th, being in the charts for 9 weeks! This week’s sales total 10,920. can we use ivermectin with azithromycin Tion Wayne and M24’s “Knock Knock sits at this week’s position of 55 from last week’s of 39 in its 5th week!

New entries include Arrdee’s “Early Hours” is at 41 in its first week with a total sales of 10,593 followed by M Huncho And Giggs’ latest release “Lean” charting in their first week at 93.

The album charts this week are: 

A brand new entry from Arrdee with his debut mixtape ‘Pier Pressure’ – In the charts for 1 week with sales of 9,703.

Dave’s ‘We’re All Alone In This Together’ – Drops from last week’s position of 12 to 11th place this week.

Tap in for our weekly chart update every friday!