The Cosmotion Project… OUT NOW!

Lashawna Rose Stewart

By Lashawna Rose Stewart

Lashawna Rose Stewart

16 Apr 2016


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‘The Cosmotion Project’ was what Cosmo liked to describe as a journey of his last year and how music has impacted his trip. Cosmo first released No Feelings in October, setting his standard of quality and uniqueness. Cosmo said ‘YLF’ ,which is the first song off the project, was written in Cape Town, South Africa, when he visited last year. This then influenced a domino affect of music powered by adventures and surroundings.

The artwork was designed by 18 year old Sonoluti, whom Cosmo discovered via instagram and decided to get in contact with. He is an independent designer from Cape Town which was why Cosmo said he decided to work with him, being the place where the journey of the project begun.

You can also download, or donate money to, the mixtape here at : cosmotivation.bandcamp.com/releases