The Farda is back – Welcome back indeed

Minou Itseli

By Minou Itseli

Minou Itseli

8 Apr 2019

The Mercury Prize, VO5 NME Awards and Brit Awards nominated artist J Hus is back.

Well, he did have one of the top 10 UK albums of 2017. The UK Official Charts team picked J Hus’ Common Sense album as one their favourites of 2017. The NME Award winner is most definitely the people’s champ.

We all been yelling ‘Free Jhus’ and free at last, he is back with full force. The anticipation has everyone on their toes from fans and artists.

Who could have a better comeback like J Hus right now? 

As Drake told the crowd: 

“These are the type of things in my career that I’m just blessed to even be a part of. This is something I’ve wanted to make happen for the whole week, and I’m just glad I could make it happen with this group of people in this building because y’all been going crazy all night … I need you to stand up because we’re about to celebrate one of our brothers tonight.”


The words “welcome home” flashed across the venue’s screens, and J Hus walked out on stage.

Welcome back indeed.

Why is he one of the UK’s treasures?

J Hus is navigating his own path towards being a legend in the UK Music industry. 

Yet, he started off with the unexpected sound; makes it about the listeners, he constantly keeps it concrete from the start, he keeps it moving and gets to the point. 

J Hus started with a bang, not a whisper. Just like matches that light with the first strike is any music listeners’ first moment ignites attention. It’s only been almost 5 years since the rapper J Hus released his #StreetHeat Freestyle. Later on in 2014; hits like ‘Dem Boi Paigon’ and “Lean and Bop” instantly grabbed everyone’s attention. When the nine-track EP, J Hus’ first body of work; ‘The 15th Day’, was released the mixtape placed him a pioneer of his own sound.

Since, J Hus has gained listeners’ attention with his magnetic freestyles and EP. Next, he delivered another project in 2016, titled ‘Playing Sports’. J Hus has a thing with his wordplay he makes the story about listeners. His storytelling ability has increased from a ‘You-to-Me-Ratio’, this is shown especially on his debut album, Common Sense.

In an interview with i-D, J Hus stated:

“What I’m trying to do with my music is to make it more meaningful – I’m trying to put more messages into what I’m saying, I knew when I came out I wanted to make music that meant something, that lifted the spirit. I don’t want to just be the guy who makes wavy tunes for the club. I love that too, but I wanted a balance. I want to be the most diverse act, I want to be that all-round guy.”

J Hus

J hus continuously had proved that you can maintain the attention of listeners as long as you remind them why they love you. This is presented in his ability to blend a variety of musical styles. This is how he keeps it concrete at the start.

He keeps it moving, not just in terms of pace, but in terms of artist development. We also witness the constant evolution of J Hus, not once we lost interest in his work. After his success on his debut album, he gave us a 3-track EP titled ‘Big Spang’; this just highlights time-pressed, content-driven, and results-oriented in his work. 

There is a difference between J Hus and other artists, just like a river and a canal. A canal is plodding while a river is dynamic and constantly changing. J Hus pleases his listeners’ insatiable desire for variety like rivers in comparison to other artists who are canals. He makes sure there’s always something happening if it’s not an album, it’s an EP, if it’s not it’s a feature. 

He is the Farda after all.

The wait is finally over and summer is officially here. We are all rooting for J Hus and expect big things from him and his team.

Are you guys excited?