The Headie One Effect

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

10 Oct 2020

The Tottenham-hailing rapper is one of the few urban artists flying the U.K. flag beyond our side of the globe and as his main audience, we champion him for representing the culture well.

The Headie One effect was established quite early in his career. For Headie, his identity leads the choices in his artistry; choices that are seemingly just an extension of his charismatic persona.

Emerging in 2018 with debut mixtape, “The One”, he sparked something within the already budding drill scene. With viral singles such as, “Golden Boot” and “Know Better”, the retaliation record of that year, the trajectory of Headie One’s rap career changed from there onward.

His personality plays an integral role in his music output and as listeners, we engage enthusiastically with the distinctive features of his music. The proof is in his unique ad-libs, “Tommy turn!” and “Su su!”, or rather the melodic, “They think I do juju” – which still make appearances in his recent tracks. His sound is set in stone so much so, that no matter where we may hear it, it is solely attributed to Headie One.

“I was obsessed with money, now I’m obsessed with the progress.” – Headie One, Rose Gold

At an almost three-year anniversary of mainstream activity in the scene, there is a national pride about watching the growth of his career from humble beginnings to superstardom. What he and the wider OFB collective have achieved, is a testament of what drill rappers can become when awarded the opportunity to grow into their potential.

Gradually, we’ve unlocked opposite aspects of the rapper’s identity, recognising him as the driller-trapper and now, in more recent music, the authentic Irving Adjei. Headie’s introspective lyrics in his debut album, “Edna”, reveal his truth and between his transparency, living up to his raps and experimental flair, we appreciate it all.

“It’s only right that Edna going global.” – Headie One, Therapy

The album holds the sentiment of a full circle moment, particularly on a personal level for the artist himself. His latest body of work is a tribute to his late mother, using her name as the title. With that in consideration, Headie’s transparent approach to this project seems fitting. Much like one would be willing to open up in the reassurance of a mother’s love, the rap musician has penned some of his most profound and heartfelt records to date.

Headie One’s debut, “Edna”, is a spiritual experience. Celebrate his impact and success by listening here.

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