The Legendary Stormzy Birthday Bash

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

28 Jul 2016

So last night I had the honour of attending the biggest birthday party of the year at Thorpe Park hosted by the one and only Wickedskengman in the flesh, Stormzy.

Be prepared because I have A LOT to say about this event.

There was no doubt in my mind that this event wasn’t going to be the best night of my life especially with Stormzy’s repertoire for doing the unexpected. And the night started off just as that. As soon I reached the counter to receive my wristband, I also received a ‘chicken cheque’ which entitled me to free Nandos. yes, that’s right. free. Nandos. at. Thorpe. Park.

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With just that, my day was already made. Then it got even better. As I walked in to the Lake View Marquee, waiting for me there was an Adidas goodie bag with an exclusive Adidas t shirt just for this event.

And now, que the alcohol. Inside, Stiff Chocolate had shots waiting inside for all guests which was a definite contribution to my behaviour. DJ Jukess was on the decks as the mingle session took place then the announcement came that rides were now open for guests. There were no queues and no hassle which is one could ever ask for when going to Thorpe Park. And when majority of people there are waved, it makes it even better.

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So after I went on The Swarm 4 times in a row, as well as nearly dying on Rush (not really, I’m exaggerating), getting whiplash from the Angry Bird bumper cars *insert upside down emoji*, oh and nearly crying on the Derren Brown Ghost Train, it was time for the party to REALLY start. After a whole crowd of devoted fans and close friends, including Giggs, Wretch 32, Nadia Rose, Avelino, Ghetts, Section Boyz and much more, sang Stormzy happy birthday, the dance floor was definitely the ultimate vibe.

Then the absolute best thing happened. An open mic session started by AJ Tracey began which led to Stormzy and other artist performing their hits as well as giving us an exclusive freestyle.

Stormzy will definitely go down in history for this event. It was really an extravaganza from what I can remember considering how waved I was. But with that being said, I was aware enough to know that no one else loves their fans as much as Stormzy does.

By @debbiesthuglife