The Rise Of Knucks: Changing The Narrative Of UK Rap

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

11 May 2022

Near to ten years in music perfecting his indulging sound, North-West London born rapper Knucks unveils his fine-tuned thirteen track new EP ‘Alpha Place‘. Diving in to the title of this article, the everyday music listener may have a limited depiction to what ‘rap’ is – it is more than just street rap. Knucks’ has been overlooked as a rapper for many years due to his distinctive execution in his creation of music, use of jazz and grime influenced production, even down to his listener fanbase. With the release of ‘Alpha Place’, Knucks is changing the narrative of UK rap and showcasing the different elements within it year by year.

Breaking through the scene with hit single ‘Home’, this is undeniably where a lot of fans started their journey with Knucks. Through pushing out multiple singles and stand out projects including ‘NRG 105’ in 2019 followed by ‘London Class’ the next year, Knucks has solidified his population of supporters gradually gaining more traction as he has elevated up in to the scene. Receiving a feature appearance on hit platform ‘Colors’, in anticpation of ‘Alpha Place’ – this special cameo stood him in a position amongst some of the most thriving artists right now. Knucks’ art has always been separate from the masses, with a music brain so technically unique that shines through his sound, Knucks is the definition of – the music speaks for itself. After a long time in the music game, Knucks’ touching storytelling abilities are one of the best in the country without a doubt and shows no signs of taking his foot off the gas.

With the new release of ‘Alpha Place’ Knucks has showcased his talent to be so extensive that he managed to put together a selection of tracks into a cutting-edge project flowing from start to end. Features including Stormzy, Youngs Teflon, M1llionz, Shae Universe, Lex Amor and more, not only signified Knucks’ genuine relationships and respect from some of the strongest artists in the scene, but presents how effortless he makes it seem to work with others. On route to getting a top 5 in the UK charts this Friday, this is a milestone the country should be getting behind without a doubt.

Buy, download and stream ‘ALPHA PLACE’ out now on all digital platforms!