The Rise of M1llionz

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

6 Jun 2020

M1llionz, the rising drill artist that took the nation by storm. Born and raised in North West Birmingham, the emerging rapper has proved himself as a force to be reckoned with over the last few months. The London drill scene; as overpowering as it may seem at times, is known for its skittering backdrops made up of a fusion of heavy bass lines, hitting 808’s and raw street poetics, but was soon introduced to its rivalry. Reppin’ for the West Midlands, M1llionz burst onto the scene at the end of last year and has already garnered a hungry and boast-worthy fan base including the likes of Drake and many more. Putting his own spin onto the gritty sound, M1llionz’s Jamaican heritage shines through his music, often referring back to Jamaican patios, he weaves this in with punching bars, melodic yet-intricate flows, street poetics and his signature tone – ultimately creating his own authentic drill sound that has seen him fly to the forefront of drill in less than a year. The swift rise to success was nothing but a breeze for the newcomer, with only a handful of releases behind him each video has amassed more views each time – his recent single ‘Y Pree’ is sitting at just under 2 million on YouTube alone.  

Journeying back to November of 2019, M1llionz was preparing to release his debut single ‘North West’. Not knowing that this would be the start of what is looking to be a prosperous career ahead, ‘North West’ was the foundation towards the development and growth of his sound. Intrigued by his infectious flows and delivery, viewers were quick to compare him as the ‘Northern Headie One’ which got the timeline talking. In no time at all, M1llionz proved this comparison statement that was being thrown around to be wrong, and subsequently followed up with another track which got the streets talking again – ‘No Rap Cap’. Built upon a menacing backdrop produced by YoungSnakeBeats, the newcomer boasted his pen game and ability to sit atop of a hard-hitting drill beat with ease. Filmed amongst his boys, the visuals conveyed the fierce feel of the track. With roaring flames, fireworks, bikes and quads in a dark remote setting, this only emphasized the bold return he was aiming to make.

It has been found before that newcomers can struggle to shake off comparisons, but by the time ‘HDC’ came around, arguably one of his best songs – it was game over. Oh boy, where do we begin? This track took off differently! Played in functions and raves up and down the country – this was the turning point for M1llionz. It was the reaction that this track received that made the Birmingham native decide to take music seriously, only driving him to come back better. Produced by drill’s very own Ghosty, M1llionz pushed his ability even further. Performing the track for the very first time at Alhan’s 21st birthday party, you didn’t have to be there to feel the undeniable energy in the room. All hands in the air, drinks flying and supporters reciting his bars back – this was a sneak peek into what M1llionz is like on stage…hopefully one day we can get a few shows!  

Before releasing his next single, M1llionz appeared on Kenny Allstar’s ‘Voice Of The Streets’ where he delivered a cold freestyle for the streets. Being introduced by Kenny; “Please understand what is about to happen. You are about to see an artist that is going to have a sick 2020 – that’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler” – he wasn’t wrong! Soaring over two upbeat instrumentals, even Kenny was gassed by his delivery “There’s a lot of rappers who can’t glide over beats like that! M1llionz! What a problem!”. !” – proving his newfound position in the game, this freestyle only elevated M1llionz’s status further.

Connecting with Meekz, Teeway and PA Salieu on what is arguably one of the coldest drill tunes to come out this year, ‘Year of the Real’ took off instantly. From Manchester, to Birmingham, to London and finally Coventry – this street heater connected four of the hottest emerging artists into one song. Currently sitting at just under 4 million views on YouTube, , we saw each rapper go in for 2 minutes straight boasting their individual styles. Keeping the momentum around him rising, M1llionz dropped a freestyle on his YouTube channel shortly after titled ‘YAADSTYLE’. Filmed in Clarendon, Jamaica, we saw M1llionz back in his homeland “Sayin’ ‘free bro’ on the ‘gram, ain’t gonna free him or help him cope. I swear thats the jake’s tryna pree man, hella North Face and mountain clothes”.  


Earlier this year at the end of February, M1llionz dropped his hit single ‘BX19’. Cruising around London in a Royce wearing a metallic puffa, it didn’t take long for this single to start circulating the streets, “Flick ting on my waist, give my gyal pepper spray. Told her we can’t go uptown I said, “it’s close to the paigon blocks”. Really, it’s not, my side ting works in the Mailbox”. Joining forces with Frosty on production, this track really highlights M1llionz’s ability to not only flow with ease but also with an undeniable charisma. The fact is, you could probably throw any beat at the rising rapper and he will still soar over it un-blemished. M1llionz’s has really mastered his flow, pocketing certain areas of the beat that not every rapper can, his flow is never something you can predict – adding that extra element of refreshment into the scene.  

If you are not shouting “I just seen that whip circle twice, is it them funny yutes or CID? Y pree? Y pree? Yardie shubeen, I don’t need ID” every time ‘Y Pree’ starts you’re not gauging it right. His biggest drop yet, ‘Y Pree’, dropped just over a month ago. Taking the visuals overseas to Jamaica, we saw M1llionz show us what his homeland has to offer. Embracing his country to its fullest, he layered greazy bars over the Hargo-produced backdrop, acting as a juxtaposition to the visuals.

Teeway and M1llionz joined forces for their collaborative, explosive single ‘Big Risk’. Layered over a hard-hitting, skittering drill backdrop, both rappers infuse their signature sounds into one big street heater. Filmed in the countryside amongst flashy white Ferrari’s and pretty women, the pair showcased what they’re known for – intricate flows, crud-enriched bars and an all-round hard delivery!

Considering this is only the very beginning of M1llionz’s career, what he’s achieved in the past 8 months is undeniable. Having stuck to a level of consistency and more important quality, that without a doubt hasn’t gone unknown has placed him in a very high position in such a short space of time. With a lot more to come, including his Mad About Bars launching tomorrow, we are excited to see what M1llionz’s has got in store!