The Usual Suspects USG Story

DJ Kenny Allstar

By DJ Kenny Allstar

DJ Kenny Allstar

29 Sep 2011

The Usual Suspects: By DJ Kenny Allstar

What’s good people, I know it’s been a while since I laid my fingers to the keypad blogging for you delightful mixtape junkies, but unfortunately I have been away doing shed loads of boring paper work to improve on our interactive blogs and visuals.

This week I will be focusing on one of my favourite rap groups to ever derive from one of London’s hardest mixtape cultural areas, Stonebridge. Many people may be familiar with Suspect Gang or U.S.G commonly abbreviated; due to a talented rapper by the name of K-Koke who recently signed a deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation paving the way for UK underground rap across the globe. Throughout this article I shall take you guys on a journey through the wonderful world of U.S.G

Suspect Gang or now known as Suspect Entertainment is a record label, formed by C.E.O’s Squingy and Krish who are both UK rappers. Suspect Entertainment has been officially running as a business since July 2005.

The name Suspect Entertainment has evolved from the former street crew called the Usual Suspects.

Now with a new generation from North West London, emerging with great musical ability, Suspect Entertainment has created an outlet for aspiring musicians to help pursue their career and gain publicity. Suspect Entertainment boasts a repertoire of artists on the label from:

Lefty R9, Grams, Leokins, Squingy, Skeng, Froggy, Shadow Kidd, Cappo SP, K-koke , Exo, Bug , Gyro and Lil Shan, to name but a few.

The Suspect family are mainly from or heavily linked with the notoriously deprived area of Stonebridge and Harlesden the London borough of Brent.

Other close affiliates of Suspect Entertainment hail from the surrounding areas of North West London.

After overcoming a lack of help from government implemented initiatives, Suspect Entertainment have pooled together resources to help their young community do something constructive and positive.

In doing so, they have released their first critically acclaimed mix tape album- Suspect Gang- Under Surveillance Vol 1.

Under Surveillance Vol 1 has had air play on pirate, local and national and international radio stations. The forth coming single North West Reppin’ (STONEBRIDGE), aired on TV channels like MTV BASE and Channel AKA.

This year the group released another streets favourite Unfortunate Souls Greive hosted by Charlie Sloth, which was number 1 in the Mixtape Madness top downloads for weeks. One of the most emotional videos to come from this mixtape is song dedicated to freedom of K Koke, which illustrates local people of all ages showing him support in what they feel has been a miscarriage of justice.

The young entrepreneurs have stayed optimistic and are still carrying on with business. This year has also shown as how much USG has developed as a crew, for example Exo’s ‘Appointment'(out now!!!) mixtape and this humbling great live performance:

Currently many of the USG’s are doing independent projects with many other pioneers in the scene, linking up with names like Joe Black, PDC, Benny Banks, Dru Blu and many more. Mixtape madness are conveying full commitment in support of USG’s mixtape material, this is going to be a certified madness so stay logged into mxtapemadness.co.uk and check out there latest mixtape

USG - Best Of USG Vol 1

From the streets of North West London has emerged one of the UK’s most talented rap groups.
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