NSG – The wait is almost over: The art of the tease

Minou Itseli

By Minou Itseli

Minou Itseli

19 May 2019

All eyes on MJ, Mojo, Dope, Kruddz, Abz, and OGD. The NSG group latched us on one of the most anticipation upcoming single in the UK scene, ‘OT Bop’.

The single is due to release on the 23rd May 2019. The wait is almost over and we are expecting another top charting hit from the group. The buzz for the single hasn’t been unnoticed. However, the ‘buzz’ for this single is undeniably incredible since the group are independent.

Traditionally the music industry creates buzz for upcoming singles, has been based on exorbitant prices for TV commercials or print ads. However, we are in a new era; ‘the era of digital’ where everything is from a click of a button and this gives more of a platform for independent artists rather than artists that have labels behind them. The streaming platform has transformed the way we see and take in music.

So, how is the upcoming ‘OT Bop’ bopping into our hearts?

Was it the 15-second video that seized us at first sight?

Or the constant anticipation from us?

Maybe, the frequent interaction between us and NSG?


Nsg clearly has shown us great timing on their upcoming single, OT Bop. Although, the electric and melodic single is due to set up for greatness, after NSG spent over 19 weeks in the UK charts and over 12 million views on the official video and over 38 million streams, NSG has the perfect platform to set OT Bop! 

Why is OT Bop is an guaranteed chart topper?

The group has shown several strategies when teasing a single, and a lot of it mirrors on their personal brand. One of NSG’s strategy is their excellent way to engage with their audience following after their success. The group seized their moment and they are here to stay.

When ODG previewed the following lyrics:

‘I was meant to go uni…Sold drugs…Got bagged…Oh fuck

The 15 seconds of OT BOP was the beginning of the anticipation and this fits perfectly since listeners are much more likely to react to visual contents than a plain text. The OT BOP snippet spark instant questions of when are NSG going to release it? Is this going to be another hit? Is it going to top options? What are we going to expect? 

However, the group continues to tease us with constant reminders. Yet, when NSG released another teaser of OT BOP, Drizzy’s “yeah” adlib stunned us and triggered a new level of curiosity.


There is no doubt that we want and need this song to start off our summer. 

How did we even get here? 


It’s undeniable that the engagement between the listeners and NSG is a major factor. Generally, the relationship between the musician and listener determines how much traffic is driven towards a highly anticipated single. If NSG lacked this crucial asset, the buzz surrounding“OT Bop” wouldn’t be as grand but fortunately their brand strategy is working in their favour.

Social media 

NSG have taken advantage of social media and they’ve benefited incredibly. Many artists don’t take advantage of social media especially in this digital era, where the importance between the listeners and artists drives careers. The music industry continues to be intensely competitive and more music is being streamed for free or at a low-cost, so the fact that NSG use each social media platform wisely such as Instagram and Twitter to break the barrier between them and the audience, despite social media different peak engagement times.

Creativity From the Fans

The power of social media continues to strive for NSG since it gives room for the listeners to express and show their eagerness from tweets, videos and memes. NSG kept it simple and never overwhelm us with so much content. In nature, viruses depend on fast, easy replication to spread, and it’s exactly the same with this marketing strategy. It’s literally the talk of Twitter every few hours the song is mentioned. The anticipation is shown since clubs are playing the preview, viral videos of fans mimicking the snippets, DJs mixing the snippet with other songs, fans recreating the dance movements, despite the song not yet being released!

That’s why it’s important to keep marketing ideas simple and unique.



Consistency is key when it comes to the art of tease. You can’t post an update then disappear for several weeks to come back and think there is massive level of anticipation. Consumers stop paying attention if you don’t have a consistent presence. There are tons of distractions via social media, so to truly break through the clutter, you have to be consistent. 

NSG has demonstrated this without being robotic about it. NSG use either Twitter or Instagram daily to interact and respond to fans, ask questions via Instagram live and spark conversations via Twitter. They most definitely don’t leave their audience hanging, since we have access to an unlimited amount of music, lack of consistency will leave us hanging, chances are, we can easily find the next thing. 


Last, but not least, is the authenticity of NSG- they have a personal relationship with fans as they are in control of their socials. Not their manager, label, or intern and we aren’t interested in hearing generic updates. Us listeners know their personalities as we’ve followed their musical journey for the last 6 years. Essentially, we want to feel like we witnessed the rise of NSG.

To conclude, NSG have created a buzz around the new track from their  consistency, authenticity, engagement, creativity through their personal relationship with fans, along with social media which has already helped push forth high anticipation for “OT BOP”. Could this be another chart hit much like ‘Options’? We can only hope so!

Tells us your thoughts?