The Wall of Comedy presents: ChitChat

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

7 Aug 2019

A look into The Wall of Comedy & a chat with Love Island’s Wes!

The Wall of Comedy put on a special event last week. Creatives and content creators entered the world of what they called ‘Speed Networking’.

Founders, Joivan Wade and Percelle Ascott, who have risen from their own YouTube series “Mandem on The Wall” to their own highly-acclaimed TV shows, welcomed all in. They took the opportunity to share that The Wall Of Comedy would be partnering with Channel 4 and E4 to produce a number of shows. The pair reiterated the importance of having roles in production to ensure that minorities can be properly represented on television. What a win!

The guests on the night took their time to inform the audience of the requirements of their line of work. The engagement was at its maximum level as attendees spoke directly to those they related to and ALL questions were answered.

ChitChat with Wes:

Sweeney: You’re obviously a lot more than ‘Wes from Love Island’ can you tell us a little bit about you and what else you’re involved in?

Wes: Love Island is a big part of who I am as a person. It’s allowed me to go for wanting to be a presenter, an actor, a model and a music artist… I have a lot of things that I’d love to achieve. I’m taking the right steps and have the determination.

S: Would you encourage people to take the reality TV/social media path into recognition and success rather than the traditional route?

W: The stigma that reality TV has been attached to is now being shaken off. It takes people with genuine aspirations and gives them a platform to express themselves. I’ve always wanted to express myself creatively, it’s helped my confidence in front of the camera an it’s been the best decision of my life.

S: What’s your advice to people who want to be in your position/be a public figure?

W: Being yourself in this industry is the most critical thing. Don’t play a character you think people may want to see, it never works. It’s a lot of pressure to keep playing a role that isn’t yourself!

S: Some people may be popular on the internet but aren’t aware of how to work with management etc. Based on your experience, what’s the best approach?

W: It has to be a strict working relationship. Many may feel like I don’t have a real job but this is way harder. Every time I step out of my door, I’m working so you wouldn’t want any added pressure from management. Look for longevity from management, not just a one time deal. Ask what they have planned 5 years down the line and take a step back before you make a decision.

I’m definitely looking forwards to the next ChitChat event. Thank you, The Wall of Comedy!