Throwback Madness: Sway – One for the Journey


By Georgina


30 May 2013

Taking it way back to ’07, Mixtape Madness are proud to present you with one of Sway’s One For The Journey as the first of our series of Throwback Madness – a celebration of the best classic UK mixtapes and EPs from the past decade.

Sway was a no-brainer when considering who will make it onto our rundown. As one of the most well-respected, successful and talented MCs to come out of the UK, we’re proud to kick this series off with Sway’s “prequel to the sequel” (the sequel being his second studio album, The Signature LP, released October ’08).


  1. True Stories (Prod.By Sway Dasafo)
  2. Move Back (Ft. Chiefer) (Prod. By Skilioso)
  3. Baby Father (Prod. By Youngstar)
  4. Up your Speed Pt.2 (Ft. Chamillionaire) (Prod. By Sway Dasafo)
  5. Ex Boyfriend (Prod.By Turkish)
  6. Every Man (For Himself) (Ft.Mr. Hudson) (Prod. By Mr. Hudson)
  7. Get’em High (Stanton Warriors Ft. Sway) (Prod. By Stanton Warriors) (Bonus Track)

With a carefully picked selection of his renowned humour, his ridiculous flow and his wide range of styles including grime, hip hop and poppy influences, Sway hits all the spots with this high-energy invasion of artful wordplay and original content.

[youtube id=”TLHGNeJaTE0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Check out the mixtape here and enjoy this high-octane journey through the wide-ranging mind of one of the UK’s finest MCs.

Follow Sway on Twitter: @SwayUK