TIEM Celebrates Strong Women Around Him In “Soweto / Friend Mi Wan”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

7 Oct 2020

TIEM has returned with a brand new, up-beat and empowering single titled, Soweto / Friend Mi Wan.

Glazing the energy-driven backdrop with his slick and un-blemished vocal tone, TIEM champions and empowers the strong women he is surrounded by, putting them to the very fore-front of the track.

Speaking on the release of his single, TIEM commented; “The song Soweto acknowledges the importance of having a strong friendship with a strong woman in your life. It’s such a fulfilling feeling when you know that somebody you can rely on has your back come rain or sunshine. And this is that song dedicated to all the strong women in my life and beyond.”

Listen to Soweto / Friend Mi Wan below.