Rapper Formz Fights Back Against Online Bullying With Tongue-and-Cheek Track ‘Keyboard Warriors’ 

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

25 Oct 2023

Influencer turned rapper Formz takes aim at online bullying on his new track ”Keyboard Warriors,’

After being met with a torrent of abuse for his appearance on Sky Sports to do a summary rap about last season’s Premier League the Spurs mad rapper linked up with producer R14 in the studio to cook up the tongue-and-cheek tune firmly putting his haters in their place.

Speaking on the song Formz said:

“Instead of playing the victim, this time I decided to flex on my trolls by telling them exactly how well my life’s going right now. I flipped the script! While they hide behind a keyboard. I’m out here living my dream.”

Check out ‘Keyboard Warriors,’ below!