Tinie Tempah – Trampoline Review


By Georgina


4 Jul 2013

I’m not particularly a huge Tinie Tempah fan, so upon hearing the news yesterday that he had dropped a brand new single entitled Trampoline, I wasn’t jumping up and down with excitement. However, I had read many a negative comment on Twitter about the track, and felt that I had to check it out myself to see what all the fuss was about.

One Twitter comment stated “Just putting this out there now. Tinie Tempah’s new track ‘Trampoline’ is shockingly shit. Decent beat, god awful lyrics. #LetDown“. I’m not exactly sure what people expect with Mr Tempah. His main fans are generally beanie hat wearing, ‘dork’ t-shirt sporting teenage girls who think Yeezus is the best social analysis since 1984. Simply put, Tinie isn’t one for introspective, reflective lyricism. After all, he “goes Claridge’s to do high tea / Jordans on like Spike Lee / I’m high end you’re high street / swagger jacking my stylee”.

Tinie is a popstar. He makes radio-friendly party tunes. Have you ever heard MF DOOM in a club? How about El-P or KRS-One? Speaking rhythmically in time to a beat does not make you an MC, and there is no shame in being this kind of artist, as long as you admit it, embrace it, and don’t pretend you ain’t it – and you have a really good producer. And I’m sure Tinie doesn’t mind – he’s rich.

Mr Tempah has never blown me away with sheer complexity of wordplay (I’ma make you call me daddy / even though you ain’t my daughter), multilayered metaphors or incomparable flow, and I doubt he’s about to go all Busta Rhymes on my ass.

Trampoline was not created for people who want to listen to complex lyricism and groundbreaking internal rhyme schemes. Tinie & 2Chainz go together just like Kim & Kanye – no particular substance, but look good as a pair and have produced something quite inoffensive and simple. Perfect for radio and parties with a trappy beat sounding right on trend, Trampoline does just what it’s supposed to. Not to my taste in particular, but it does the job. Geek glasses on and bounce that bootay!

[youtube id=”zUZ1LFyEq1w” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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