Tomi Tribe and Toyé collaborate on a summer anthem called “NI NIGERIA”

Natalie Patrick

By Natalie Patrick

Natalie Patrick

20 May 2023

A new summer hit called “NI NIGERIA” has been created by Los Angeles-based artist Tomi Tribe and Atlanta-based musician Toyé. This Afro-piano vibe track is sure to keep the dance floor hot.

During the December period, Tomi Tribe and Toyé met at Tomi Tribe’s music camp in Lagos, Nigeria. Tomi Tribe was going through some beats from Dante Beats when he came across a moment when he knew he had to produce something around. Toyé loved the second and wanted to record it. After vibing together on the record, they quickly recorded it. It took a few days to flesh out the lyrics entirely, but the final version was eventually recorded.

Back in Los Angeles, Tomi Tribe felt that “NI NIGERIA” was one of the standout tracks produced while in Lagos and wanted to share it with the world. After a month of mixing, mastering, and brainstorming ideas for a release, they returned to Lagos to share it with the world.

The track pays homage to Nigerian culture and spirit and sends a clear message to anyone who would mess with the artists in Nigeria: “Don’t mess with me in this Nigeria.”