Tomorrow is Black Pound Day!

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

26 Jun 2020

Black Pound Day launches tomorrow, on Saturday June 27th. The initiative encourages mass support and awareness on the road to increasing the UK Black economy. As a direct solution to the systematic racism that looms over the United Kingdom and oppresses the Black community.

Founded by Solid Crew’s – Swiss, who’s objective is to grow the value of our infrastructure, create empowerment and motivation for the Black community; by replacing everyday purchases with products from Black-owned businesses, once a month – either spending locally or online with UK Black-owned businesses.

A statement from the official website reads: “The day is also an opportunity to find out how everyone can support Black businesses over the long-term. So don’t forget to share brands that you love, businesses that you can’t live without and make sure to hashtag #BlackPoundDay.”

For more info on where to shop on Saturday, check out blackpoundday.uk.