Top 10 downloaded mixtapes in November


By Georgina


30 Nov 2013

As the month is drawing to an end and the official festive season is upon us, it’s time to find out which mixtapes have been the most successful this month.

Figures correct as of 29th November ’13.

10. Over a year from the release date, Nines’ From Church Rd to Hollywood is still going strong with 690 downloads this month.

9. Mixtape Madness favourite Rimzee is proving that his membership in the 10k club is still very much relevant, as he has racked an additional 945 downloads with The Upper Clapton Dream – that’s an incredible 21,932 downloads in total!

8. One of our brand new releases this week, Tunnel Vision by Baseman has gained 972 downloads since its release on Wednesday – great start and well on your way to getting that 10k in a few weeks’ time.

7. It’s been out for well over three years but Dubz’s Ard Doe is still popular with the fans. It’s had 1087 downloads this month.

6. Squeeks is well into his 10k clkub membership with Presidential Musiq, and the additional 1734 downloads this month isn’t a bad addition either.

5. The notoriously successful More Money More Pagans 2 mixtape by J Spades has been one of our most successful releases this year. 1774 more downloads this month!

4. Ragoe’s Rags to Riches Vol. 1 has racked up 2033 downloads in November and over 5k in total since its release in June. We’re hoping Vol. 2 will be even more successful.

3. Another MM favourite, Gone Till November has been downloaded 2124 times in the past month and Nines enters the top 10 for the second time.

2. Essex boy Potter Payper’s Training Day has had an additional 2145 downloads in November and we’re not surprised – the grime rapper has had a brilliant reception with over 14k downloads of the mixtape since its release in July.

1. An astonishing 6820 downloads of STP Mixtape 2 means that STP is at the top by a long shot! Congrats to Timbo, Cass, Mitch, Rugez and Leeanneah for the amazing download figures! BIG UP!!!