Top 5 Mixtapes / Albums

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

1 Jan 2016

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This list does not include EPs which is why the amazing success of both Bugzy’s record breaking EP and Chip’s Believe and Achieve 1 & 2 have not been included in the below.

Top 5 Mixtapes – Artist collection of tracks made available for free download

Chip’s “Grime V Rap” dropped the day before the list was devised so the panelists deemed it too early to pass judgement but lets be real, it will stand the test of time. Yung Reeks, Bonkaz, Trapstar Toxic, Trapz, Terminator, Ekeno and Yung Fume

5) Wretch 32 and Avelino – Young Fire, Old Flame
Musical masterpiece from lyrics to production, great mixtape to the end the year

4) 410 – F Block

Fling it in thw whip and get in that zone

3) J Hus – 15th Day

No one has brought vibes.. hustler baby

2) SN1 – The SN1 Folder

Great hearing Tiny Boost again, as well as Joe Grind, Kyze, Gunna Dee and Giggs bringing their A game.

1) Nines – One Foot In

Left the scene fiending for “One Foot Out”, could that be our album of 2016?

Top 5 Albums – Artist collection of tracks made available for sale

Both Trillin 2 and Huster By Nature 3 should have featured on this list but which one of the below would have it replaced? Commericals 2 by CasIsDead was definitely a contender by was only out on cassette.

5) 67 – In Skengs We Trust

Purest crud released this year 

4) Section Boyz – Don’t Panic

Not one gal on the hook and they invented a new flow that the UK has run with

3) Skrapz – The End Of The Beginning

Beautiful story and motivation music

2) JME – Integrity

Man don’t care about all that and he still charted with pure Grime bangers

1) Krept and Konan – The Long Way Home

Record breaking

Top compilation mixtape – Lotes – Sun, Sex and Suspicious Police

Top compilation album AR15 Concrete Jungle