Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

13 Nov 2019

Is the Triller app carrying music-marketing on its back right now?

If I’ve noticed, then you probably have too. In this current climate, the best way to interact with your audience and grow it is by being accessible on social media. Traditionally, artists would opt for getting press/blog coverage and doing small-scale shows. You know, the regular rollout plan. However, as we become a more virtual world, the standard way may not be as effective on it’s own. Is that safe to say?

The formula, right now, is one that works for both signed and independent artists. If you want your song to perform well, it could be as simple as getting in front of a camera! Well, that’s half of it. The other half looks like this:


Pop Smoke teased his audience with a Triller that featured his massive hit single, Welcome To The Party.

This short clip of Darkoo vibing to her single, Gangsta, had everyone wanting to do the same.

You cant deny the impact.

What is it about TRILLER that attracts people to music?

It’s organic. It’s fun. It’s energetic. Marketing music seems to work best when the public can see that an artist believes in and enjoys their own music. That’s what attracts the masses and makes them want to listen. They, too, want to have fun with it and before you know it, your song is everywhere!