UK Producers Blairy Hendirx & Joshua Beatzz Release EP- “Kindergarten”

Imoh Ekpo

By Imoh Ekpo

Imoh Ekpo

17 Jun 2017

Producers are often unsung heroes, often the key behind some of your favourite hits. It’s only right that sometimes we stop and appreciate the glue that holds the UK scene together. Blairy Hendrix and Joshua Beats are two talented upcoming producers in the U.K. and have quite the track record, J Hus who is gathering rave reviews for his album, ‘Common Sense’ exploded on to the U.K scene with early track “Dem Boy Paigons” which accumulated over 7 million views. A key component to the success of the track were producers Blairy Hendrix and Joshua Beats who co-produced the entire track. Also produced by them is late rapper Showkey’s (R.I. P)  track- Letter to M.Dot.  They currently have an EP out called Kindergarten, Featuring the likes of Belly Squad and T-Mulla. Available for purchase and streaming on Apple Music. Check it out now!