By Feyona9


23 Sep 2011

At only 16 years old, already this young budding star has made quite an impression in the town where he’s from. ‘Shower Ent’ is the crew he is associated with and like his team member Agyeman the streets just can’t get enough of these two. Poppy has the whole of NPK (situated in Tottenham, North London) screaming ‘Sky Gang’ at every opportunity they get; just one of the slogans that lets everyone know ‘Shower Ent’ is in the building. With the release of his joint mixtape ‘Purple Poison’ with another one of his fellow team members Sub 10, Poppy only proved that his talent is about to reach new heights in the game and its either you’re with him or you’re not as he tries to make it to the top. If you were a fan of Agye’s mixtape ‘Addicted to Crack’ (also released from the same label) then you will love what ‘Purple Poison’ has to offer with features from Lambo Lee, Gatz, Supa Capone, Bangiza, HPD, KG, VB, 13 and P Stacks. I’ve opted to showcase this mellow track from Poppy, just to convey a bit of emotion as he feels like he ‘Could Be Next’…..

“Mum says you gotta play your cards right, can’t walk around thinking you’re the hard guy, ‘cause you die quick see that’s the fast life….”

“….R.I.P to all my T n**gers that died, just clocked its ‘cause they never ran from a fight…”

“…R.I.P KC, R.I.P Rev, R.I.P Fats, R.I.P Smeggs, the way that I’m rolling got me feeling that I’m next…”

It’s quite evident that Poppy just needs to put the work in and he could be joining a few other rising stars that have made it successfully out of Tottenham into the big leagues.

Poppy - Purple Poison

Talented emerging North London duo Popey and Sub 10 have brought to you this mixtape from the same label house that brought you ‘Addicted to Crack’.Despite their young ages, both artists have shown that they are a head of their time. Quoted by the streets as the next to blow, Purple Poison paints a portrait of life in inner city London.

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