By Feyona9


19 Sep 2011

“Sleep is a luxury enjoyed by the successful”….East London born, versatile rapper Skinny Malone believes his hard work and graft will continuously be his foreground to life until he reaches that successful status. His musical interest began from the age of 14 and the unfortunate circumstance of being kicked out from home brought about his talents to write down his emotions to the sound of a beat. When he reached a mature age of 19 he found the push to begin to record his music and was introduced to an up and coming management company called 1st Base Entertainment. He featured in a couple of shows and recorded music with them until they decided to part ways although that didn’t stop Skinny Malone from venturing on with his dreams as him and his close friends (C.K.O and Trendy also artists) decided to create opportunities for themselves by developing a company entitled “MIM” which has various meanings such as; ‘Millionaire in the Making’, ‘Money is Mandatory’ etc. Their main aim behind this self made business is to create a company which offers much more than just music. This freestyle I’m featuring is an upbeat track displaying Malone’s quirky flow and punch lines….

“…if success was a flow I guess it would be me that you’re smelling, messing with me is like getting caught cheating at your wedding…”

“…my money must be French ‘cause we got that connection…”

Skinny Malone has fun with this track and that’s what the scene seems to be missing now days, something tells me that when he releases more material it will be worth its while indeed.