Underground vs. Mainstream


By Feyona9


19 Mar 2012

When it comes to the wonderful world of the music scene whether you’re considered to be a rapper/singer/Grime MC or better yet you consider yourself to be an all rounder; either way there is no escaping the fact that you will ultimately fall under two categories…

Underground or Mainstream.

For every musician out there the thought of crossing over from a ‘struggling artist’ as it were to then an established superstar is the greatest accomplishment of them all. As the journey experienced is one of hard work, dedication, perseverance you name it, I guess it can be quite fulfilling to know that you came from nothing to something; you came from a handful of people knowing your name to then millions of people reciting all the lyrics to your album. The exposure and benefits of a mainstream artist can be only described as ultimately obtaining that ‘American Dream’ status, those who deny this fact are certified fibbers or are they?

Maybe they have just grasped the aspects of the conformity that comes along with that sought for mainstream lifestyle? Who actually really knows what it is but what I do know today is this; every so often I shall showcase two videos from ‘both sides of the water’ in this new segment I am sure you have already figured out called Underground vs. Mainstream. This will just give music lovers everywhere an opportunity to get a taste of both fields in the music scene.

Right, now yesterday was a little exciting for me as the much anticipated video for Dbanj’s track Oliver Twist was finally released. Even though the vid was nothing too spectacular as it was a couple of ‘thick’ dancers shaking their money makers in a warehouse which even I can’t fault; it was seeing the ‘Jesus pieces’ Dbanj was rocking and the feature from Big Sean that had me totally excited for his progression as an African artist. I think the icing on the cake with this video though was when with only under 30 seconds to spare till the end of the track Kanye West decides to make an appearance, that right there was an epic moment for ‘Afro Beats’ and Dbanj has certainly done Africa proud with this one.

Next up representing for the Underground team is the video also released yesterday from Young Spray entitled Stay Scheming. Young Spray is definitely an artist I adore for the pure fact of his ‘Realer than Most’ attitude, what I mean by this is he is one of the most uncensored rappers out there, he raps what he feels and doesn’t feel the repercussions of other people’s opinions and that is definitely the beauty of his music.

“…everyone raps, now a day’s everyone traps, after TopBoy everyone acts…not you Asher, you’re my n*****, you’re my dawg, your cool Asher…”

That line there actually made me laugh but I can totally agree with where Spray is coming from here. If you haven’t already purchased his mixtape Realer than Most Vol3 I advise you do that pronto; the lyrical content on that CD is not one to be messed with. (www.realerthanmost.com)

“…I’ve never had a legal job, every penny that I’ve earned has been illegal bob…”

I just had to quote that line before I wrapped up this article because I think no one understands how ‘sick’ Young Spray is, how can he actually say that calmly???