Unsung: Vol 2

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

13 Sep 2020

Welcome to the latest volume of Unsung! The feature that exposes our readers to a collective of super-talented singers from across the nation. After searching the country we are proud to present you with the some of the best upcoming artist’s who occupy and or blend together; R&B, Soul, Jazz and Pop.

Today, we plug you into five rising stars: the first, Monét, an emerging neo-soul artist from London, Jaz Karis a genre-bending songstress from South-London and Birmingham singer-rapper LANDEL. And last but certainly not least, contemporary R&B babe – Lylo Gold and the powerful soul queen, Summer Pearl


Introducing, 20-year-old, songstress and pensmith – Monét; one of the most exciting voices to rise from London in recent times. In spite of the fact that the singer boasts an insanely poetic and melodious brand of velvety neo-soul. This gorgeous sound only graced streaming platforms last summer – in the form of a dazzling 6-track affair, entitled “Off The Record.” Monét cites her journey with music as starting as early “as she could open her mouth.”

And that explains a lot! Over the years she has refined her writing abilities and has harnessed her own authentic sound; built upon the introspection of Ms Lauryn Hill, neo-soul queens: Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. In addition to the nuanced and relevant words sung by contemporary crooners, such as; Solange, Tariq Discu, Ojerimi and many more. Sitting on her latest record, dubbed “Apple Bottom Jeans,” which poses an irresistible display of her honeyed toned vocals and sultry words, resulting on a listen that is more than easy on the ears. With that being said, we can’t wait for Monét to bless our ears with even more releases.

Artist Pick: Apple Bottom Jeans 

MM Pick: Nostalgia 

Jaz Karis

Up next is one of the our truest talents, South-London, singer and songwriter – Jaz Karis. Jaz harbours an artistry that weaves the most infectious strands of R&B, neo-Soul and jazz alongside the occasional reggae influences. 

Spending her formative years immersed in music, the singer owes her musical affinity to being raised in a household that exposed her to a diverse catalogue of sounds; such as, gospel, soul, jazz, R&B, reggae, and old school classics. These influences saw her pursue lessons in classical piano and singing, in addition to becoming the youngest member of her local gospel choir; and eventually go on to become part of the prestigious Brit School Alumni – it’s almost as though she was destined for stardom from the start.

Inspired by the originality of late legend and fellow Brit Alumni – Amy Winehouse, alongside a number of major soul pioneers; who inspired the songstress to follow in the footsteps of those “who make music on their own terms and have their own authentic sound.” Now fully formed with an contagious and versatile sonic which has allowed her to catch the ear and support of likes of; Nao, DJ Target, Twin B, Ace, Sian Anderson, Leah Davies, Manny Norte and Diplo. On top of a memorable COLORS Berlin performance of her single “Petty Lover” which has since accumulated over 10 million views.

Artist Pick: All Eyes On Me

MM Pick: Doubt My Love


Up and Coming singer and rapper LANDEL – is one of the freshest acts to emerge from Birmingham. His moniker derives from the anagram landelblaac which stands for “all balanced,” something the artist says is a “reminder that life is all about balance,” which was inspired by the ancient Chinese ying and yang philosophy. Evidently driven by an introspective mind, similar to the likes of; J.Cole, Wale, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West’s earlier work. Like those aforementioned, Landel uses his music as a tool of expression and honesty, often writing lyrics that explore the different sides of romance; over lush, hypnotic instrumentals underpinned by a Jazzy, R&B-tinged and hip-hop lilts. 

A prime example of this is on his latest EP, titled “Sunset” – which houses 6-romantic and consciously-charged tracks – “inspired by love, soul searching and sunshine.” Be sure to check out the project, we promise you won’t disappointed.

Artist Pick: The Sunset EP 

MM Pick: Moonlight Aura 

Lylo Gold 

On the the look out for some new jams to refresh your bedroom playlist?.. No need to be shy everyone has one! Anyway, upcoming singer – Lylo Gold is your gal. 

Oozing an intoxicating sound, that intertwines the songstresses sultry harmonies between ambient, percussion-based R&B productions. Which shimmer and snap beneath Lylo’s sensual, matured and romantically-charged wordsmith as well as her vocal range; reminiscent of not only  the predecessors who blazed the way for her, – during, the golden age of R&B – But of the contemporaries who have driven the genre further. 

This is displayed perfectly through Lylo’s most recent single, ‘Foreplay’ – which is both provocative by name and by nature, this track presents as a smooth and seductive baby-making jam that sports alluring undertones; creating a captivating listening experience. Captivating from the first listen, it’ll be impossible to not press repeat.

Artist Pick: Foreplay 

MM Pick: Secrets 

Summer Pearl 

There’s nothing more powerful than a rising artist who is on a mission to push a positive message. And that is quite clear when tapping into the homegrown talents of Ms Summer Pearl. Hailing from North-West London; Summer was bred on a mix of soul, jazz and hip-hop. Although, she has developed into the incredible songstress she is on her own. It’s safe to say that she is definitely product of her musical influences, which range from the rich timbre of Nina Simone and the rawness of Amy Winehouse to the lyrical prowess of Ms Lauryn Hill – however each element she emulates is signed off with her own unique signature sound.

Having recently gifted us with a thought-provoking double release titled “Times Like These” – the first being “War” (A-side), an ode to the black female experience through an unequivocal display of her vocal abilities. The second, entitled The “Social” (B-side) which deploys a snippet of a moving speech from Nina Simone, which sets the tone when transitioning into the track; Summer comes through with a commanding cadence, that immediately captures you as she expresses her thoughts on the world current state. 

Having already shown a facet of her abilities, this is only the beginning for the songstress…

Artist Pick: Times Like These

MM Pick: The Boy (Feat. Enny)

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