Usain Bolt Makes History In Rio!


By Annelle


15 Aug 2016

On Saturday night Usain Bolt became the first man in history to win three 100m Olympic titles in the sprint final!

Bolt, the current world record holder with 9.58 seconds, finished the race in 9.81 which happens to be his slowest time out of all his major wins in the 100m sprints.

He said: ‘I expected to go faster, but I’m happy I won. I did what I had to.’

American runner Justin Gatlin finished second with just 0.8 seconds behind Bolt and Andre De Grasse of Canada took home the bronze medal after finishing the race in 9.91 seconds.

Gatlin was said to have come out the blocks quicker and dominated the first half of the race but Bolt stepped up and overtook Gatlin to take the lead which allowed him to claim his seventh Olympic gold medal.

The Jamaican is on his way to completing his ‘triple threat’ with the 200m and 4×100 relay to come.