Victoria Jane Shares Sonically Rich Brand New EP “Demos Vol. 2”

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

6 Mar 2024

Hailing from London but raised in Manchester, 25-year-old creative all-rounder Victoria Jane has come through to share her brand new EP “Demos Vol. 2”.

As well as being a music lover and presenter of BBC Radio 1’s Future Soul, Victoria is a singer and songwriter first and foremost. Exploring an innovative sound within the UK R&B and Soul scene, the signer has already supported the likes of 6lack, J Grrey, Temera & more, achieving cosigns by greats such as Timberland. Sonically rich ‘Prove It’ is the lead single, all three tracks on the project are stand outs in their own way.

Speaking on the project, Victoria says “Demos Vo 1 was me discovering my sound and experimenting as an artist. Demos Vol 2 is more refined. It’s me really beginning to step into the music I’ve always wanted to make”.

Set to perform at Cross The Tracks festival next year, the new project showcases her craft in remarkable form.

Listen to the new project below :