Victoria Monét Releases ‘On My Mama’ Video

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

15 Aug 2023

R&B superstar Victoria Monét has unveiled her latest music video for her single ‘On My Mama’, in anticipation of her debut album ‘Jaguar II’ which is set to drop next week. The video has a nostalgic feel thanks to the Y2K fashion and the street dance choreography, while Monét showcases her vocal and songwriting ability across the track.

Victoria Monét has had a hugely successful 2023, demonstrating herself to be a leading voice within her genre by consistently releasing quality music with high quality visuals. This year has seen her collaborate with the likes of Lucky Daye and Buju Banton, building anticipation for her ‘Jaguar II’ project that looks set to include some of her best work to date. Moreover, Monét will be embarking on a headline tour in September that has already sold out.

Speaking on her latest release, Monét said:

“‘On My Mama’ is the soundtrack to positive affirmations. I wrote it postpartum when I wasn’t feeling my best, but spoke to how I wanted to feel. Singing the lyrics about yourself will change your frequency, and elevate a positive mental state. The words speak not only to physical features, but to a feeling too because I believe when you feel good you look even better! Give yourself the words you need to hear because it’s true, you look good! There’s no one like you and that’s on ya mama. Enjoy being yourself witcha fine ass!”