Vinch Releases New Single ‘Non-Sober Thought’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

6 Jun 2023

London artist Vinch has returned with his latest single, ‘Non-Sober Thought’, following a string of strong releases throughout 2023. The uptempo single demonstrates an artist who cannot be pinned down to a specific genre, experimenting with a variety of styles that put Vinch at the forefront of a growing Alternative UK Rap scene.

The South London rapper has gained a cult following thanks to his hard hitting lyricism and experimental choices in terms of instrumentals. Active since 2017, Vinch has experimented with sounds from Trap and Hip Hop all the way through to R&B. ‘Non-Sober Thought’ is demonstrative of an artist who is unapologetically unique, giving his listeners multiple soundscapes throughout his discography.

With a full-length project expected this month, Vinch is gearing up for an important and potentially pivotal point in his career as he attempts to become one of the faces of Alternative UK Rap. The artist has undeniable talent and presence behind the microphone, which is only matched by the diversity of his musical output.