Wani Serves “LAGOS CITY VICE II’ Taster With New Single ‘Jailer’

Afoma Andrea

By Afoma Andrea

Afoma Andrea

22 Nov 2021

Nigerian-American artist Wani has released the the long-awaited visuals for his latest single ‘Jailer’.

The second single from his new EP “Lagos City Vice 2”, Wani’s evolved lyricism is the focal point. Capturing moments of introspectiveness and love, he criticises his love interest’s prison-like attitude to romance. Offering a peaceful relationship free of agenda, he pleads for her to remove that penchant for drama.

Boasting a funky Afropop backdrop loaded with Wani’s lush vocals, the record is a nostalgic offering.

Watch Wani’s Jailer Above and Stream Lagos City Vice 2 On All Platforms.