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Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

20 Feb 2017

‘Wait, wait. He’s only 18???’ I continue to yell in disbelief as my girl tells me Dave’s unbelievable age. Even as I’m writing this article I refuse to believe it. The constant talent oozing out of this gentleman just adds to the suspicion of his age being a lie. It’s like another The Addictions fiasco all over again (that’s for my Twitter veterans). The truth and realness Dave conveys in the last part of his Fire In The Booth on BBC 1Xtra is what really set me off. I get a slight feeling of euphoria when discovering an 18-year-old who is so aware of current affairs and the corruption constantly taking place within our nation, and is able to communicate his views on it so passionately. Even during the freestyle, he literally was spitting his bars and didn’t take a moment to wipe if off because the lyrics were much more important than his camera appearance.

I personally compare Dave to Wray and Nephew solely based on the fact that it makes all my problems momentarily disappear. That’s how I felt when listening to this young man. I was so intoxicated by his words and flow that I literally forgot about the world around me. Especially on his song ‘Two Birds No Stones’. My man said ‘my ends still hot I slip not (Slipknot), I’m a rock star’. I really threw my phone across the room when I heard this bar. @Kiwikobs can vouch for me.

The play on words – especially with the names of rockbands – made me want to listen to more of his work to see if he can top this madness and of course he does. I really recommend everyone to listen to what even put Dave on the radar in the first instance which is his [email protected] freestlyle. Some may disagree with that last line and comment saying that Drake put Dave on and to that I completely disagree right back at cha. It doesn’t take Drake co-signing someone for them to be substantial. Fair enough he gave Dave a larger platform to be great but before Drake jumped on the remix of ‘Wanna Know’, Dave was already destined for greatness. The ‘Wanna Know’ remix is even evident of that. Drake is featured on Dave’s song, not the other way around which just goes to show the impressions he’s making on the industry at such a young age.

You might be thinking that Dave’s most recent release (Samantha featuring J Hus) is what sparked this feature but to be honest I just wanted to give the young man props in proper entirety and not just through a tweet. I wanted to uplift him and support the culture as we should do regarding all members of the urban community who repeatedly have the odds pinned against them due to the higher powers who run this supposed ‘democracy’. This is the generation that can really make a change through all aspects of life and it starts amongst ourselves.


By @debbiesthuglife