Wavey Trio Kid Snow, Tashan & Aonenine connect on brand-new EP “Minerals.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

5 Aug 2020

Today, three members of London’s Dtox collective – Kid Snow, Tashan and Aonenine – have joined forces on a brand new project, entitled “Minerals.”

To be honest, it would do no justice to each musician to pin them to one specific genre and this is the perfect example of why.

‘Minerals’ is a warm welcome to the collectives unique and contemporary sonic approach. Together they deliver a noteworthy display of originality across five new tracks; which weave catchy one-liners and hazy melodies alongside earfuls of abstract instrumentals —- courtesy of Snow.

There is no doubt that this offering will further solidify the talent bubbling within their group, reiterating their clear trajectory to stardom. 

Stream Minerals below and on Apple Music!