West London’s Rap Riser Bawo Unveils Double Sided Single “Mazzalean / Headtop Buss From Luss”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

11 Feb 2022

West London’s rising artist Bawo has entered 2022 with the release of a double sided single named, “Mazzalean / Headtop Buss From Luss”.

Each varying in sound, “Mazzalean” takes a more laid-back approach as the London native explores his changing environment and the reception he’s been getting for his artistry. ivermectin africa worms Showcasing a slightly different sound to his usual, Bawo boasts his vocal ability over the acoustic backdrop before stepping into “Headtop Buss From Luss”, a more energy-driven joint that’s filled with slick bars throughout. treating scaly face budgies with ivermectin The ‘One To Watch’ artist is warming supporters up for a busy year ahead! ivermectin herding dogs

Listen to the singles below.