What Are The Streaming Services That Make Money Off Of Artists Doing To Support?

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

17 Apr 2020

Streaming makes up 80% of the revenue in Music and has created a middle-class giving millions of artists the opportunity to live off of their art. But now with the world going through the Coronavirus pandemic so many other sources of revenue have been put on hold by this crisis – its interesting to see which DSPs really care about their customers. 

Tom Gray of PRS Music, recently commented in a tweet saying that the music executives need to free up the muli for the gang.

With this in mind, let’s take a deeper dive into what 7 of the worlds top DSP’s are doing to support musicians…

1. Spotify

Spotify has started making donations to a growing list of organisations including MusiCares, PRS Foundation, Help Musicians, Unison Benevolent Fund, and Centre National de la Musique offering financial relief to creators. More information can be found here.

2. Apple Music

Apple Music has sent out a letter to Indie Labels and set aside a $50 Million COVID-19 Advance Fund for Indie Labels. Apparently, only the Indie Labels that earn at least $10,000 in quarterly Apple Music earnings will qualify for the royalty advances.

3. Amazon Music

Amazon Music has partnered with superstar Alicia Keys in order to donate to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund, helping those that are affected in the music industry.

4/5. Google Play & YouTube

Google.org the charitable arm of Google is committing $50 million to the global COVID-19 response, a multinational technology company. The organization has committed roughly US$100 million in investments and grants to nonprofits annually – “100% of your donation goes to the United Nations Foundation in support of WHO’s global COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund” more info can be found here.

6. Deezer

Deezer launched a whole channel called ‘Stay at Home‘, gathering playlists around themes like ‘The Great Indoors’, ‘Your Music Therapy’ and ‘Keep the Kids Upbeat’. This channel also spotlights the latest news and coronavirus-info podcasts as well as a ‘Your News Fix 24/7’ shelf that lets Deezer listeners stream live radio stations.

7. SoundCloud

SoundCloud and Twitch have partnered to fast-track SoundCloud Pro, SoundCloud Premier and Repost by SoundCloud creators directly to Twitch Affiliate status, so you can start earning money from your Twitch streams instantly. SoundCloud are also offering 50% off SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscriptions and haven given resources for career development/mental health advice. You can find more info here.

Credits and thanks to Jay Yoms at Flow Craft.