What really happened at Bigga Fish Champions Tour o2

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

27 Jul 2012

The clear blue skies and late summers heatwave had me feeling like I was in Cancun again, no air on the Jubilee line made me feel like I was in my mum’s womb again. Ok, slight exaggeration but lets just say I’m looking forward to the Olympics but I’m avoiding the Jubilee line. Walking towards the o2 and being searched by the army search and viewing the queue for Proud o2 stretching back for miles, made me wonder was the Champions Tour really worth it?

The minute Mixtape Madness’ very own DJ Kenny Allstar touch the decks, one could tell it was a skankers affair. He introduced a young woman most wouldn’t have heard of, Jorga. Her unthinkably strong cover of ‘I’m ready’ was impressive but Alicia owns that track. But when Jorga returned back to the stage to perform her own track, it was clear to see why she was part of the Cashtastic circle. Her voice is a amazing and she really got the Gal dem screaming and the man dem saying BRAP.

George da dancer defied the human body’s capabilities with moves that make you wonder either he’s something out of X-Men or he grew up with gymnastic monks perfecting Yoga. The movement of his arms at times really did go against logic.

DJ Policy with his one mandate and that was to turn Proud o2 into a Jungle. So I’m wondering who’s “Wearing my Rolex” and “Who’s that Browning”. But in 2012 what is a dance without an Azonto… really?

DJ Kenny returns back to the wheels of steal and a masked individual leaps across the stage, the minute he removes the mask, team Tastic deafened my ears with screams. Cash signals his intent by merking a funky beat with straight bars. He was only getting warmed up. Cash’s ability to command the stage and engage with the audience illustrated he is more than a rapper in the booth, he’s a performer. He crossed genres for Bashment and Hip Hop before diving into his own catalogue. You could tell that he really did appreciate the opportunity to be at Biggafish. Cash goes topless so you know what tune was next, and team Tastic roaring, “20 degrees in the shade, that’s a London summer day”. Cash skanking in his tan coloured high tops with a towel hanging out his three quarter lengths. The man dem start throwing up the 2 finger skanks, with a few galist edging towards young lady’s backs like magnets and everyone was “GASED IN THE RAVE”. He says farewell via dashing his towel into the audience, which resulted in a unisex royal rumble, yes men were involved too.

DJ Policy returns with his mandate yet again but this time he is joined by a bruva from anuvahood, Jazzie. Please note when Jazzie says shabba that means shutdown, I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Arguably the hardest rap duo out at the moment, who have featured everywhere from o2 Wireless to torching down Charlie Sloth’s booth, aw yeah. Krept strolls out in blacked out shades, leather and fresh cornrolls, whilst in contrast Konan springs onto the stage in a red mask and the duo straight away dive into Otis, “I got one sick (six), like 24/7”. And when team “play dirty” is in the building you know the “motto”, none skankers get thrown in the van for persie. You see what I did there right. The dynamic tag team duo delivered yet again but one feels their set was too short.

So the Champions Tour was left wondering for a hot minute whether Team CMAR would be leaving felt rather PAR’d. But the London Boy who is making waves in the ATL graced the stage like he owned it. The confidence was more than evident and the artist made homage to Bigga Fish for giving him a break 5 years ago and it suddenly dawned upon me that Bigga Fish had been serving the community for over a decade, mad ting. I brought out my old skool Time and Envy steps when Chip dropped “Fire A lie”. Then it was off to the Gaza singing, “Everyday..” and whats a Champions Tour without the international smash hit, “Champion”; winners anthem right there. But the highlight for me was Chip, Krept and Konan performing “Go Down South, Go Down South”.

Yet again Bigga Fish failed to disappoint and we are definitely looking forward to the next one.

K Kush