Who is Genesis ? #TalentWatch

Imoh Ekpo

By Imoh Ekpo

Imoh Ekpo

24 Mar 2017

If you caught the Montana Show on Radar Radio last Tuesday afternoon, you would have been lucky enough to hear one of the best freestyles of 2017, by a rapper called Genesis. Hailing from North London the MC lit up the building with his mic skills, which should have prompted a reload from DJ P Montana.

With a style, similar to AJ Tracey the 19-year-old blurs the line between grime and rap as he effortlessly drops bar after bar on any beat he goes on. Having listened to all the songs on his SoundCloud, you can’t help but put your gun fingers in the air and scream “BRAP” after every verse. I recommend his track “Pop tarts” that’s my personal favourite.

He recently performed at a Leicester based event called “waves” where he got a reload (yes! In a rave) and a standing ovation from the crowd.

Genesis is the Greek word for “beginning” and based of this guy’s talent he is at the beginning of his road to stardom.

Twitter : @1gxnxsis

Instagram: 1gxnxsis

Snapchat : swiftz_genesis0