Why Nipsey Hussle’s Death Struck Us Harder Than Usual…Three Weeks On

Martin Ofori

By Martin Ofori

Martin Ofori

22 Apr 2019

As cruel as it may sound the loss of such a certified torchbearer Nipsey Hussle, hit home significantly harder than any other high profile death in the music industry would have. The bitter regret stems from many different reasons, but mainly because he seemed to be at the cusp of his peak in the many different facets of his career and life in general.

On the eve of April fools day on March 31 2019, many of us hoped and prayed that the news of Nipsey’s death was a sick joke or a prank of some sort. Even as the news broke of three people being shot and one person being pronounced dead after arriving at a local hospital, subconsciously and maybe inadvertently cruelly many of us around the world wished it was anyone of the three except for Nipsey. The community activist, entrepreneur, innovator and investor in black progress it couldn’t be him but it was.

The avoidable manor of Nipsey’s death along with the unfortunate timing is what makes his bitter loss feel all the more painful. So many regretful questions come to mind. Why was such a prominent figure so easily accessible on the day? Why was nobody around Nipsey armed in such an open space for his protection? All of these questions amongst many others must be answered for the appropriate closure.

You’d like to think a legally armed security guard or store clerk would be in close proximity from within The Marathon Clothing store, or one of the many surrounding stores to minimise the damage done to the Nipsey and the other victims. All in all the sheer length of time alleged killer Eric Holder had to shoot Nipsey in two separate stages, is extremely alarming and doesn’t sit right at all.

Putting Nipsey’s superb rap career aside for a moment let’s Identify why Nipsey the man and entrepreneur, had an impact on such a monumental scale and will be so bitterly missed. His well documented willingness to hire local less fortunate people within the inner city, friends and family to work in his Marathon clothing store and various other businesses is one of the many powerful maneuvers which solidified his status as a living legend. His clean heart and willingness to openly share his knowledge on self-sustainability, business acumen and financial literacy within the black community and inner city areas in LA as well as with his followers and fans is also a massive loss which will be felt globally.

Perhaps Nipsey’s partnership with real estate developer David Gross in forming Vector 90 to create a bridge between the youth of poverty ridden neighbourhoods and Silicon Valley, also to offer an alternative to gang culture will be amongst his greatest deeds and business decisions.

The great Nipsey’s long reach, positive influence and legacy can be felt in the peace he has created since he sadly left us all. Enemy Crips and Bloods have united across the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Los Angeles, to make peace in the name of Nipsey’s beliefs and to celebrate the life of the legend. All of these positive moves Nipsey made, makes it hard to swallow the energy and karma which bought about his untimely demise.

May we all learn from his teachings. Invest in ourselves and our communities, innovate, may we follow our dreams and create multiple streams of income. R.I.P Neighbourhood Nip….The marathon most certainly continues.