X Factor finalist Nathan Gayle & Fraud gang being faced prison time for £1m scam!

Lisa Mariee

By Lisa Mariee

Lisa Mariee

30 Apr 2016

A fraud gang from London are facing jail time for a major fraud scheme to help fund Islamic Syrian states. It was known that nine men took part in this “bank of terror” as they were going around pretending to be police officers tricking innocent pensioners to hand over their life savings.

It was known that Mohammed Dahir 23 from Finsbury Park, Nathan Gaye UK R&B and X Factor finalist & lastly Mohammed Youssafi 38 were amongst those convicted for this case.

Commander Dean Haydon, Head of Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism command has stated “These people were committing fraud on an industrial scale.
They pretended to be police officers who were trying to uncover a fraud in the banking system and won the trust of their victims and persuaded them to hand over their pin numbers and bank details. As a result people were duped out of their life savings.”