X-MEN dark Phoenix non-spoiler review

Nourdin L

By Nourdin L

Nourdin L

6 Jun 2019

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The much anticipated and latest installment of the X-men cinematic franchise, X-MEN Dark Phoenix has made its debut in UK cinemas yesterday. With many fans of the Mutant family being very disappointed and let down by what was supposed to be a second chance at giving the fans the live action adaption of one of the most iconic comic book events they hoped for. After the disaster that was the X-MEN The Last Stand. This is my non-spoiler review of X-MEN Dark Pheonix.

Given the time jumping and chronological scrambling of the X-MEN franchise over the 19 years, it is understandable why many people have given up on the franchise and now are not even giving this mess of a movie a chance.

Well, I did. And let me tell you, this is without a shadow of a doubt the worse X-men movie to date. I don’t know if the extremely amazing masterpiece Avengers End Game made me have unrealistic high hopes going into this film but I was incredibly let down. The Dark Pheonix saga in the X-men comics is notorious for putting Charles Xavier’s team of mutant through extreme levels of distress and chaos, but instead, this was just another example of Fox studios not using the X-men characters and stories to their full potential. It is no wonder critics have given this movie rating as low as 17%

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This movie was FOX studios second shot at giving fans the movie they deserved. But it seems that they are incapable of listening to feedback from their audience. Feedback from fans that they are very lucky to still have the attention of, considering the number of times they have been let down.

With Marvel Studios recently gaining back the cinematic rights to the X-Men franchise. I hope that what is left of the X-men characters can perhaps be salvaged and saved by the great mind of Kevin Feige. The president of Marvel Studios.

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