Youngs Teflon Drops Part 2 To His “Have You Seen Her” Track

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

23 Oct 2020

Youngs Teflon is a seasoned U.K. act, deriving from Grime, and as his career continues to unravel, the emcee explores various sub-genres of rap. Rolling out music in series is nothing new for the South London native, evident in his mixtapes such as, “Call Of Duty” 1 and 2 – to which he teases a trilogy!

Youngs Teflon comes back with “Have You Seen Her Pt.2”, ten years on from the first track which appeared on his “Over The Head” mixtape.

With his style and lyrics much adjusted to the current music climate, the record is straight-up yet delivered through a lighthearted melody. Listen above!