Youngs Teflon Transcends in His Daily Duppy

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

21 Mar 2021

Before the end of last year, South London rap vet Youngs Teflon gave us ‘Call of Duty 3’ – a project which brought to light his evolution in sound, and artistry. Now, he’s stepping into his year of music – full swing – with the drop of this fired up Daily Duppy.

Youngs Tef dives into his delivery with the use of creative punchlines and a polished flow; adding appeal to the old school feel created by the production with the saxophone and jazz-type beat. His story-telling, conversation-like mannerisms bring a suave style into the performance, creating the perfect balance between conscious, and confident.

The drastic switch from old school jazz, to Drill at the half-way point takes a mysterious turn, but this transition serves as a perfect opportunity for the real rapper to demonstrate his versatile nature. The unusual sonic elements in this second part, bring on an alternative vibe, and it could be argued that they’re paving the way for the birth of a new Drill sub-genre; Alt-Drill.

Youngs Teflon transcended with the material he’s presenting us with, and there’s no denying that his listeners will be on edge, waiting for what he’s going to bring next.

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