Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

13 Jun 2019

Now what you say Youngs!

Top 5 UK, that’s big facts — and he did not tell a lie. We’ve all had a week to digest Teflon’s EP and with the upcoming release of SWVGG, let’s review BLOOD.

“Underground King with no songs on the playlist, still I ain’t the one to play with.” — Intro

The rapper starts off by asserting that he does not need playlists or charts to validate him. If you’re a UK rap fan then you know that Young Teflon is a stamp in the game and has been for years.

“Hustlers don’t die, they just take breaks.” — Survivor Stories Part II

Survivor Stories is a track on Teflon’s Renaissance project (2014) which is, in his own words, his greatest body of work. He is widely recognised for his storytelling style and on this track, he tells the tales of his hardships. We’re being taken through his experience as a young man on the streets and we believe him.

“A couple gyal were getting beat in the cinema.” — 3am in Brixton

What I enjoy and respect most about Youngs Teflon is his authenticity. When he describes his lifestyle or unpacks an experience, it is often one that many can identify with and that’s why he’s South London’s neighbourhood hero.

“I give and I take away power any time that you raise me.” — Broken Safety

Broken Safety is a hard-hitting track. It is painfully evident that the MC has seen and been through REAL things. This is his life and he isn’t afraid to let us in, no matter how ugly.

“If you pull up with smoke, they gon’ fly through the wall like capser.” — Hustlin

Is it just me or is there a crazy sense of hunger as he chants the hook? I find myself chanting it too so we’ll call this one the Hustler’s anthem. It’s all about him and his unwavering focus on getting to the money!

“Had to kill 2 packs in the car like Suge now the reload looking like Zangief.” — Lambeth

Lambeth, stand up! Youngs Teflon paints a vivid picture of the area he grew up in and describes a golden era that many in his generation can reminisce about. The patriotic feeling I get from this track is nothing short of overwhelming and I know that anyone born and bred in Lambeth also shares this feeling.

Keep streaming BLOOD below and look out for SWVGG when it drops!