Zakhar Flee’s Heartbreak With New Single”Fly Away”

Afoma Andrea

By Afoma Andrea

Afoma Andrea

11 Jun 2022

17 year old North London rapper Zakhar gets the tears rolling with his brand new single “Fly Away”.

A heartbreaking track to say the least, the song is definitely not for the soldiers currently experiencing a breakup. Reminiscing on a past lover, Zakhar’s lyricism superbly captures the confusing after effects of a failed romance. Despite understanding his decision to leave, he mourns the loss of future promises and most importantly a friendship.

Fly Away is about being in love, but knowing that the healthiest and best option is to part ways.” – Zakhar 

The visual is also a touching offering. Brought to life by director Oksi Odedina, the videos sees Zakhar dressed in his signature puffer jacket as he explores the difficulties of a relationship on the brink destruction. A dedicated performer, he even learnt the piano for the shoot.

Raw emotive lyrics matched with an impressive vocal performance, Zakhar is definitely the one to watch for this year. Catch the visual down below!