410’s Lil Rass Drops Off Catchy Tune “Took Her To The F”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

5 Dec 2020

Lil Rass is back with a bang in his latest single, “Took Her To F” and it’s visuals.

As one might have expected, there’s a lively feel to the instrumental, which blends elements of percussion, swirling synths and hard-hitting rhyme into one heavy-duty package.

“Took her to the F now she’s throwing C’s flagging green / she like me and she love the G’s so I pressed and leave” he raps, in a fast-tempo and bouncing manner. Delivering a head-bopping hook that will make it impossible to hit replay.

If Lil Rass maintains the impressive work rate he has shown us this year, the rapper will surely secure himself a spot as one of the main contenders in the growing drill scene.

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