Kieron Boothe releases Indulgent single ‘Out of Sight’

Hollie May

By Hollie May

Hollie May

18 Aug 2022

‘Out of Sight’ by Kieron Boothe

‘Out of Sight’ is a jazzy, soulful and energising single sure to get your head bopping, all whilst Kieron Boothe tell us his underdog story.

Newham’s own returns with his first solo release of the year ahead of his upcoming EP ‘Views from the Bottom’. Fluidly moving through a blend of complimenting genres, this Srigala produced track unveils the intense work Kieron has been putting in behind the scenes. Discovering himself and developing his uniquely evolved sound!

Not so much a newcomer, Kieron emerged onto the music scene back in 2012, with his honest lyricism and relatable energy. Throughout the past 10 year’s he has kept true to his roots and flourished in his own lane and at his own pace, making him a true home grown talent who’s sound has not be tainted or tweaked. He is his own sound.

Kieron Boothe
Kieron Boothe shot by @mosnapsltd.

Tap into ‘Out of Sight’ above. Enjoy this chilled out yet playful story of what goes on behind the bright lights and crowds. Sophisticated and creative visuals accompany, a tune you need to add to your favourite playlist!