A chat with the future of UK Rap: TeeZandos

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

24 Oct 2020

Having signed to UK rap heavyweight, Corleone’s label – GB Records, at just 14 years old. It’s fair to say that Teezandos (formerly known as Tyler) was destined for greatness from the start. Since 2016, the young spitter has slowly but surely risen to prominence; now, at 18 years old, she sits firmly within the UK music scene’s up-and-coming cool kids, and after our interview over the phone… no, you can’t sit with her – making friends is the least of her worries. Teezandos signature brand of hardcore drill is accessible to anyone who is a fan of the culture, from the sharp and sinister pen she welds to the moody instrumentals she annihilates. When having conversations about who’s killing it right now and who will be steering the next generation, make sure you mention her name. 

Full disclosure, I first caught on to you when the “Highlander” visual dropped. So, when I was doing research I was shocked to see that you’ve actually been making music for some time now – under the alias of Tyler, is that your real name?

No, but I let the world believe what it wants to believe.

Okay, why the change in name?

My friend just gave it to me and it stuck alie? *She clarifies with a member of her management* Yeah, it just stuck. 

Listening back, there’s a considerable shift in your sound. Would you put that down to growth or adapting to what’s popping right now? 

I just got older – things just got real, so the music became realer, I guess.

Do you see yourself returning to your melodic side in future?



Maybe in like a couple years but not for now.

I heard your a big fan of house music, in an age where people love to blend genres together. Could we look forward to elements of house during your upcoming music? 

You could, you very much could. 

Are there any other genres you’d like to experiment with? 

I don’t know, I listen to a lot of music. But, people will know what I’m trying to do, when I do it. 

It’s no secret that you are under GB Records, how’s that experience been and how did it all come together? 

I put out a freestyle, then I reached out to my current manager, asking him to look at the video. After that, either that day or the next day, he rang me and took me to the studio.

That was quick!

Yeah, and then I had a couple weeks recording with him before I got signed – I was 14. 

In an interview you were quite vocal about GB Records controlling your socials and a few other things. Have things changed?

Yeah, that’s changed. 

Has that tainted your views on signing to a major at all? 

To be honest, I’m content with GB right now. I don’t really look at the bigger picture because I think we are the bigger picture. 

We’ve seen that you’ve been chilling with some of the rising [female] rappers coming up in the scene. One of them being Baby Elz, who has also got a lot of buzz around her. Do you think you would ever release a song together? 

I’m not gonna lie, probably not. Me and Elz are good pals, I believe in this music ting you don’t need to make music with your friends. We’re both in the same lane, but we actually appreciate each other’s friendship. People are gonna expect a track let’s be honest, so if we we are going to do that, it would be when you least expect it. 

That makes sense, a lot of women in the industry often express how hard it is to get along with one another. Is that something you can identify with? 

I don’t really care for anyone in the rap industry because they are all old. I’m not really looking for friendship either, I feel like females don’t get along because they think everyone’s a threat. I don’t wake up and find anyone to be a threat.

Top 5 UK artists? 

Digga D, Dutchavelli, Billy Billions, M1llionz and Kwengface. 

What was the last song you listened to and it can’t be your own song?

Rise it – Shambo.

Final question, what’s the ultimate song to smoke to? 

Lemonade – Internet Money ft Don Toliver, Gunna & Nav (Slowed & Revamped). 

To keep up-to-date with Teezandos, you can check out her Instagram here.