A Nine-Year Old Boy Strangled Nine Rabbits & Two Guinea Pigs To Death On A Solo Trip To A Petting Zoo Spared Jail

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

21 Mar 2024

A nine-year-old boy who strangled nine rabbits and two guinea pigs to death has been spared jail.

The boy was left alone with the animals at Rekerhout Petting Zoo in Alkmaar, Netherlands on March 11 when he murdered the rabbits.

The child reportedly showed “no emotion” as they carried out the solo killing spree according to local Dutch media.

Having previously visited the petting zoo in Alkmaar under supervision, he went back alone on 11 March, where he killed as many as nine rabbits and two guinea pigs.

“It makes you completely sick,” petting zoo manager Ali Dorenbos told local media.

She said: “The sheep were shot with bows and arrows, their udders were pulled, and the goats were shaken by their horns.”

Because the child is below the age of 12, he will not face criminal charges for strangling the 11 animals, but he will be enrolled into a care program.