A/Political And Wikileaks Presents ‘BEAT THE SYSTEM’ 

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

1 Apr 2023

a/political and WikiLeaks present: BEAT THE SYSTEM a night vying to bring together artists, musicians, journalists, and the like to raise awareness around the importance of press freedom and to empower the public to create positive change.

Taking place just ahead of the four-year anniversary of Julian Assange’s imprisonment and weeks after the 20 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, all in the midst of a cost of living crisis, BEAT THE SYSTEM seeks to turn the spotlight back onto the public, emboldening young people in the pursuit of their artistic and political passions.

BEAT THE SYSTEM on 08 April at EartH Hackney will feature a stacked line up of acclaimed artist and DJs including D Double E, Bugzy Malone, Lowkey, Eva Lazarus, Ngaio, Flowdan, Sherelle, Gardna, My Nu Leng, Fabio & Grooverider and Dutchie x Who Knew.

An a/political spokesperson said, Music is a tool for change and empowerment. This night will show that politics affects everyone, and we will be encouraging people to actively engage with it.”

Tickets available here!